AORI Hillside Villa


Villa AORI is located 78 km (1 ½ hour) from Chania Airport at the small Village Kopetoi of Selino province. It is built on a hillside in a beautiful 2 acres fenced yard with olive and fruit trees. It is noteworthy that there are no neighbors next to! Enjoy your vacation without noise and annoying neighbors with only companions birds and the sounds of nature!

Southwestern Crete still retains the traditional elements of virgin Cretan countryside, away from the crowded cities and beaches of the North. Aimed at visitors who want to experience the filisophy of true Crete of high mountains, crystal seawater, smiling people and high food quality.

The area is surrounded by mountains that form the Kandanos valley, surrounded by giant olive, chestnut, plain and all sort of tree. Small villages whose history is lost over the centuries and numerous small white churches full of frescoes create a magical scene. This geomorphology combined with the Libyan coastline, with small and large bays, dozens of beaches with sand or pebbles, areas with cedars protected by the program Natura of the European Union, constitute a region stretching from Sougia up to Elafonisi and make it an ideal destination for those who want "special" vacation. The mild climate and the comfort of the stay gives you the ability to make a memorable journey to relaxation and rest. Sleep in complete silence and wake up in the morning by the chirping of birds!

Highlights Close To AORI Villa

  • KANDANOS, historic and beautiful village. Wooded area by the single grove Kandanos aged 600 years and dotted with Byzantine churches of the 13th-14th century frescoes. Here you can find supermarkets, cafes, pastry with famed sweet “galaktomboureko”, butcher shop, hairdresser, restaurants with excellent Cretan cuisine and excellent local products. It also has a health center. Its distance from Chania 52 km (45 minutes) and 15 km (12 minutes) from Paleochora.
  • PALEOCHORA, the "Bride of the Libyan" is just 15 km from the house and is the capital of the municipality. Here you can satisfy your needs and find banks, supermarkets, medical services, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, bars, clubs, hairdressers, car rental. Paleochora although has many visitors every year it hasn’t lost the traditional character. Tourism and tradition walk together! Discover unique beaches expanding in 18 km coastline and enjoy the sunset while dining in front of the beach with a glass of Cretan wine!
  • SOUGIA, this seaside fishing village located 30 km from the villa. It has a large beach with crystal waters and amazing restaurants.
  • ANIDRI, located 20 km away from the villa. To get there you cross drive a green gorge. Definitely worth a visit "School" restaurant with exquisite food.
  • ELAFONISI, Paradise with clear water breathtaking, award-winning beach and protected by the NATURA programm of European Union. It is just 30 km from the villa (50 minutes) and definitely worth a visit!
  • GRAMVOUSA-BALOS, travelers from around the world flock each year to marvel at this miracle of nature. Gramvousa the island of pirates with the Venetian fortress at the top and a little further the Balos Lagoon with thousands of shades of blue and red sand from crushed shells. Access is by boat that departs daily from the port of Kissamos. It is thirty kilometers from the villa in a beautiful ride through the famous Kastanochoria and Topolia gorge.
  • FALASARNA, another amazing beach with crystal clear waters and white sand is only 70 minutes far from AORI.

Hikes Close To AORI Villa

  • SAMARIA GORGE: The legendary gorge with more than one million visitors every year has a length of 18 km and is an easy 4-5 hour hike. Great experience!
  • SOUGIA-LISSOS : An easy 3 hour come and go hike on a well marked path. Arrive at the abandoned ancient city LISSOS, where an 'Asklipieion' was established!
  • PALAOCHORA(KRIOS)-ELAFONISI: 3-4 hour hike along the beach. E4 route with thousands of visitors. On the way you have the opportunity to see the famous 'Ceder Forest'. Finally you arrive to the awesome Elafonisi beach for a cool bathe!
  • AGIA EIRINI GORGE-SOUGIA: This beautiful and green gorge starts from the village of Agia Eirini and leads you after an easy hike route to Sougia. Less crowded than Samaria but same or even more beautiful.
  • KANDANOS GORGE: 2 hour hike in this pictoresque gorge where many year ago was the only way for the people of Kandanos to reach Chania.


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